A Little R and R Part 1

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A Little R and R Part 1

I had been under a lot of stress at work and was in need of a vacation, so some close friends suggested I fly to the mountains to get away for a while. I had never flown before, but, after some prompting from my friends, I finally boarded a plane. After my flight landed, I rented a car and drove up the scenic road into the mountains. I arrived at my little cabin in the woods early in the afternoon. I went in and got my stuff unpacked and decided to take a little hike in the woods to look around and enjoy the scenery."

I had been walking around for about an hour enjoying the view and the weather when I suddenly realized I was not alone. On the path just ahead of me I caught a glimpse of something white, and as I rounded the bend I saw a beautiful woman in denim shorts and a white tank top walking along the path. Not wanting to scare her I called out and she turned around. I was instantly caught up in her eyes as she looked at me and said "Hi".

We began talking about why we were there and just general small talk while we walked together along the path. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Her breasts were perfect and she had a nice, that I could just imagine how good it would feel to touch. I quickly tried to put these thoughts out of my mind so she wouldn't catch on that I was staring.

As we walked back toward the direction of my cabin, I noticed a flower I hadn't seen before, so I bent xnxxv sunny leone video over to look at it. When I bent over, I felt her hand brush against my ass and linger there for just a moment. When I stood up, she was just standing there with that "who me?" look on her face. I just gave a knowing smile at her, but said nothing.

Just then, it began to rain. Not a hard rain, just one of those gentle rains that come while the sun was still shining. I have always loved being out in the rain. She didn't seem to mind either so we kept walking. As it continued to rain, the water began to soak into her t-shirt and I could see her poking through the wet fabric. I instantly began to get hard just imagining what was under that shirt.

I told her that my cabin was just a little way down the path and suggested we go there to get out of the rain. She said that would be fine and ten minutes later we were walking into my cabin. I suggested to her that she go into the bathroom and dry off while I fix a small fire to take the chill out of the air.

While I was getting the fire going, the little 'shower" turned into a downfall. Rain poured on the roof of the cabin. I got the fire going and decided to pour a couple glasses of wine to help the warming process. After I had poured the wine, I looked and saw her coming out of the bathroom wearing my robe loosely over her body. I could catch glimpses of her breasts as she walked over and took a glass of wine out of my hand.

"I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your robe",she said in a soft, sexy voice.

"I"I don't mind a bit", I stammered.

Looking out the window at the pouring rain I said,"It looks like you were stuck here for a while."

"You have a warm fire going and a "I mean glass of wine, so I am not complaining.""

Then she gave me a seductive smile.We sat down on the floor in front of the fireplace and continued a conversation we had been in earlier. As she leaned over to pick up her glass of wine, her left breast became completely exposed and I couldn't help but stare. I didn't turn away quickly enough for her not to notice and she said,

"Did you enjoy that?"
Being honest I said,"Very much. Thank you" And gave her a smile.

"Well how about a closer look"

Then she began to take off her robe with a little sexy dance for me.

Taking her lead, I moved over to her and took her breast in my hands. It was so firm and round. I gently massaged her breasts with my hands and couldn't resist lowering my head to suck on her wonderfully erect nipples. I was not disappointed with the image I had of them while walking in the rain. As I continued to gently suck and nibble at her breasts, I felt her hand lower onto the bulge in my jeans and she began fondling me through my jeans.

I moved my mouth up to her neck and began to nibble at her ears and then I kissed her passionately on the mouth. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and we sat there in a that seemed to last forever. She then asked me to stand, and when I did, she quickly loosened my belt and tugged my pants down to the floor exposing my very right to her waiting mouth. She wasted no time and began at the tip and slowly real forced anal against her will took my cock into her wet mouth.

She slowly moved back and forth taking more of me in with every pass until she had my whole cock deep in her throat. While she continued to suck me deeply, her hand began to gently stroke my balls and I moaned with pleasure,

"Ohhhh, that feels SO good!"

She continued to work faster and faster and I couldn't help but do a little pumping action of my own.

"OH GOD I AM GOING TO CUUUMMM!" I shouted as I shot a load of hot cum on her face.

I knelt down and cleaned off her face as we met with another passionate kiss.

This time it was my turn. I proceeded to kiss a path down her neck to her breasts and resumed my sucking and nibbling on those beautiful mounds. I continued down to her stomach and then to her inner thigh. I gently separated her legs and began to gently kiss the inside of her long legs. I could smell her , musky scent and it drove me wild. I couldn't help but bury my face between her open legs.

I began to gently suck on her and she let out a moan of delight.

"Don't stop", she sighed and I obeyed.

I continued to suck her pussy and began to flick my tongue on her swollen clit. She began to buck her hips in excitement and she become wetter and wetter. She began screaming,


Hearing that urged me on all the more. I buried my tongue deep into her dripping pussy while I massaged her clit with my finger. She began gasping for air and screamed


And her juices began to flow onto my face. I continued licking until all of it was gone and then I turned my attention again to her waiting mouth. We kissed passionately and she took my bottom lip into her mouth and sucked on it.

As we kissed, she took my cock in her hands and began stroking it up and down. She laid back and guided my engorged dick into her waiting pussy. I entered her slowly and began to carefully move in and out of her. Her hands grabbed my ass and I began to pump harder and harder. Her breathing again began to get shallow and I could feel her pussy walls begin to spasm and I knew she was on the verge of another orgasm. She screamed,

"FUCK ME! Oh, you are SO big! Harder, harder"

As I obeyed her commands, she let loose a scream as she squirted her pussy juices all over my cock.

She rolled over on top of me with my cock still buried deep in her and began to ride me. This time it was my turn to finally get my hands on her great ass. It felt just like I thought it would and I smiled with delight. She began to move her hips up and down on my hard dick and I started to moan with pleasure.

"Oh you are so hot and wet! That's it. Ride me. Fuck me. OH THAT FEELS SOOOO DAMN GOOOOOODDDDD!!!!"

As she continued to thrust her hips, I began matching her thrust for thrust. Soon we were both panting and I knew she was about to cum. Just as she screamed,


I pulled out and squirted my load all over her perfect breasts.

She collapsed down beside me and I held her in my arms until we both went to sleep. When I woke up, it was late into the night and the fire had died down. I looked at her beautiful body lying there and I instantly began to get hard"but that is another story.