Amy enters my life

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Amy enters my life

It was never so easy. I was going to walk to the convenience store but when I pushed the door open there was a barely conscious young woman huddled in the doorway. This in the middle of a city of 200,000 or so, on the main street, with many pedestrians and a police department if you can believe that. The weather was typical late November, freezing. She was about 19 and barefoot, only wearing a cotton dress. I never hesitated, picked her up and carried her to my apartment.

I gave her a glass of milk and a piece of chocolate cake both of which she ate in an instant. Then I half carried her into the bathroom and put her under the shower with her clothes on. The girl was filthy. She had obviously been living on the street and eating in dumpsters. I took all her clothes off, also stripping myself,
exposing a tall, skinny, virtually titless young woman with shaved pubic hair and perfect feet and toes. I washed her hair in the shower then I watched as she tried to wash her body. She still was confused by the hypothermia and stress. I stepped in and did the job myself with a luff sponge and body wash and was rewarded for my trouble with an /erection/">erection . She had pubescent breasts, the kind I dream about in the dead of night. I sat her under the shower on a plastic chair and knelt in front of her to wash her feet and brush her toenails clean. She was looking at my sex and hers was in my face. She was shaved but not recently. Her underarms were unshaven, something I love.

"My name is Justin. Whats yours?"

"Amy." she said.

"Well, Amy, you seem to be in something of a pickle but you lucked out tonight. Once we clean you up Ill make you something to eat and then you can sleep in a clean bed. After a couple of days we can talk about everything but for now just try to relax. OK?" I said. "No ones going to hurt you. I wont call the police."

"Why do you have your clothes off?" she asked.

"Because Im in the shower." I said. I helped her down the steps of my huge Jacuzzi and we soaked for a while as I kept working on her 20 nails. She was already waking up, so to speak. Her skin now had color and her beauty began to be obvious. Why had this beautiful young woman been living on the street? I had no plans to ask. I would leave that up to her. We both got dry. She brushed her teeth with a new toothbrush then we walked naked to my bedroom where we both put on terry cloth /gym/">gym shorts and a white T, my usual attire when I was in the house. Now we were even and had already blown away the nudity BS which is all its ever been. I had never understood why everyone was so sensitive about their bodies being seen by others or so unable to accept that we all had to attend to bodily functions. Society insists that girls must not be seen to defecate, masturbate or menstruate. These disgusting activities must be kept secret to protect the halo of purity that attaches to females. It seemed like such a useless and hypocritical excercise to me.

I made breakfast food, poached eggs, pancakes with soft butter and maple syrup and crispy rashers of bacon. I made enough for both of us but she ate everything. I sat at the other end of the table with a whiskey and a cigarette near the exhaust fan. When she had eaten everything she said, "That was so good", then she burst into tears.

"Youve had a hard time," I said. She nodded as she kept on crying. "It will take time, but you have to put it behind you Amy and move on. You have your whole life ahead of you." After she pulled herself together she started to fall asleep so I took her to the guest bedroom.

"I dont want to be alone. I want to sleep with you. Im afraid of being alone." she said.

"Ok," I said. I brought her to my bed and we both stripped and got under the covers. "Ill stay with you until you fall asleep," I said, as I held her in my arms. She cried again for a minute but fell into a deep sleep. As I lay there I knew there was indian santali xvideo no way I would ever put her out on the street again. There is an old
Vietnamese saying, "That we have met means fate binds us." I could smell her breath and her skin as I held her. You know, every person has a distinctive body odor. Its like a fingerprint, and somewhere in our primitive animal memory we recognize it and remember it because its important. When someone sleeps with you, skin to skin, breath to breath, something instinctively clicks. You dont even have to be awake for that to happen. You become a member of the pack as the other members smell you and accept you. I know people
dont think of themselves as animals but I think theyre wrong. Instinctive behavior is not conscious behavior. It has nothing to do with intellect.

When she was sleeping soundly I went and sat by the fireplace with a whiskey, having a smoke thinking about what I had gotten myself into. I figured that in a few days things would sort themselves out. My tom cat curled up on my lap and purred, drawing blood as he dug his claws into my flesh. Thats very much like /foreplay/">foreplay. I had to pry him off. Finally I stripped again and got into bed with Amy who moved into me and held me tight. She was half awake and said, "Thank you so much", as she buried her face into my chest. Wow, thats powerful stuff. On this night my whole life had changed. I now had a friend, a wife, a lover, a responsibility. I dont really know how to describe it, but I knew everything had changed and I now had
someone to take care of.

I got up early as usual, did the morning thing, baked some fresh cornbread, made coffee. then after a cup and a smoke I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Amy as she slowly woke up. When she finally opened her eyes and looked at me she smiled.

"Good morning, sweetheart", I said. "Lets have a good day, OK"? She hugged my neck and smelled so good. She got out of bed and put on her shorts and T then went into the bathroom. When she came out and
sat at the table I gave her corn flakes, corn bread with butter and some crispy bacon. She drank cold, fresh milk. Already I could see her relaxing, leaving the past behind her. She chewed her bacon, ate her corn flakes and corn bread then I gave her a coffee. We sat there looking at each other.

Amy had mousy hair that went every which way in the morning. Her eyes were hazel, tending towards brown. She had a nice mouth and was sexy as hell. Her movements were graceful, she was feminine but without intent like a beautiful cat. I was thanking my lucky stars. I had one more question for her.

"Do you masturbate?"

"Yes." she said.

"Thats good. So do I. Everyone does. I masturbate every night before I sleep unless I have sex with someone. And if you live with me we will wash together most of the time and always sleep together in the nude. There will be a lot of nudity and touching. We will certainly masturbate together. Thats what I have to offer you. I tell you this because its only fair that you know ahead of time what to expect. You can stay with me if you want to but I want you to understand what it will be like."

"Will you do it to me"? she asked.

"That depends. If youre experienced and have done it a lot Im sure I will, especially if you want me to, but if you have never done it, or dont want to do it, I will only go as far as you want to, masturbation side by side, mutual masturbation or /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex. That is entirely up to you for the present. As our relationship becomes
deeper neither of us can predict what we will do, but for one month I promise to only go this far. Do you want to stay?"

"Yes." she said.

"Then the first order of business is to get you some clothes and other items you will need. I like Western styled clothes. Does that appeal to you"? I asked. She said it did, so I brought her to my computer and measured her carefully as I entered the information into a Western wear catalog and an outdoor wear catalog. I got her jeans, work shirts and a denim jacket, a winter coat, a pair of Dunhams, /athletic/">athletic shoes (what we used to call sneakers), slippers, panties, and socks galore, a down vest, and a faux wolf parka with a hood, and a nice backpack to carry it all should she decide to move on. The items would be delivered in 48 hours.

We simply chilled after that. For lunch I had tuna subs delivered from SubWorld. Amy watched the tube most of the afternoon. I had a couple of Canadian whiskeys and smoked my cigarettes out on the porch overlooking the main street. It was near freezing outside. As the afternoon wore on Amy napped on my bunk. She was slowly leaving the past behind her. Several times already I had admired her beautiful feet and long, straight, symmetrical toes. Thats a big turn on for me. I got a couple of large pizzas delivered at 1800. We sat looking at a movie while we ate with diet cola. After, it was more tv for Amy as I worked on business. As the night wore on we sat on the sofa together. I kissed her and we began to smooch and inevitably I got an erection.

I took my clothes off and rested my back on one end of the sofa and slowly began to masturbate as Amy undressed and did the same at the other end. She used the classic circular rub of her labia over her clit and rapidly got excited. She was close to her orgasm when I shot several jets of semen over my tummy, chest and face as the remainder ran down my hand. Amy watched, spellbound, and then tensed up as her own orgasm gripped her. When her spasms ended some fluid ran out from between her labia. She was looking at me, mouth breathing, as I licked the semen off my hand. She caught some of her fluid with her fingers and licked it up.

"Ill bet that must smell good." I said. "We should go into the bathroom before we stain the sofa." When we got there I said, "Put some of that on your fingers and let me smell it." She reached in between her labia with two fingers, sweeping the length of her inner sex, and came out with a sizable puddle of girl juice trapped between her two fingers. I smelled it and then put her fingers into my mouth and sucked, as my cock became rampant again. Amy tasted and smelled the semen running down my chest and tummy. We kissed.

"You can lick me if you want to." she said, as she got on the washable, vinyl divan that was part of my large bathroom with her knees bent, feet on the edge, spreading her legs. I kneeled on the floor and parted her labia with my thumbs and smelled her exquisite musky aroma for a full minute, a bouquet of urine, sweat and secretions spiced with bacteria. Then I began to lick her clean, using my tongue to probe into her vaginal orifice and anus licking the full length of her inner sex until I began worrying her clit side to side with my tongue as Amy turned on in a big way. I licked repeatedly from her anus to her clit. When I sensed she was ready I concentrated on her clit until she alain lyle porn held my head, stiffened and cried out, pushing me away as she furiously rubbed her clit through her labia. A classic resonse to an intense clitoral orgasm. When she
became quiet she momentarily sobbed then laughed.

"Ive never cum so hard before." she said. "That was awesome." By now I was beside her masturbating again as she watched. It didnt take me long to shoot another load although I had to increase the speed of my strokes because of my previous /ejaculation/">ejaculation. I sat back, spent.

"You smell wonderful. I hope youll let me do that every night before we wash and go to bed". I said. "We should wash this stuff off in the shower and then we can soak in the Jacuzzi". I turned everything on and we washed each other and then sat in the tub for a few minutes before drying off and walking naked to my bunk where we got under the covers. We held each other and kissed. Amy felt my still rampant cock and scrotum.

"Its really big and I think its beautiful." she said. She snuggled against me and was asleep in a minute.

End of Part One More to come if anyone is interested. This is my first essay.