A Tale of Three Brothers

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
A Tale of Three Brothers

Note : This story is completely fictional!

"Jonesy," yelled Scotty. Scotty and Jonesy were /twins/">twins. They both were 20 years old, 5'11", both with 10" cocks. They were both muscular, with normal sized chests. They were well bronzed and always kept themselves in good shape. They had just moved into an apartment with their younger brother, Jackson, who was 19 years old, 5'9" with a thick 9.5" cock. "What?" asked Jonesy.

"Where's the porno?" "Try looking in the box marked 'porno,'" said Jonesy.

Scotty opened the box. Inside it were dildos and a stack of /movies/porn-movies/">porn movies. He took out one at random and started it up. He presses play, and the three sat down on the sofa in front of the TV. Soon, it started, and their cocks were getting hard. Soon, Jackson was stripping down, revealing a muscualr body. Scotty and Jackson did the same.

Now they were jacking off in every way known to a chronic masturbator. Jackson looked over at his older brothers. They were jacking eachother off. He couldn't help but stare innocently at their thick juicy cocks. They saw him staring, and Scotty reached over and started to jerk him off. It felt good.

He got up and grabbed a dildo. He sat on Scotty's lap. Scotty slid his legs open, and Jackson slid back and forth. They all got up and soon were in an /orgy/">orgy. They were all guys, and they did do that stuff, after all.

"Turn around," Scotty ordered. Jackson did so, and soon Jackson was moaning and groaning. His flesh pounded inside his tiny virgin free porn movies download ass. Jonesy did the same to Scotty, while Jonsey butt-fucked himself with a dildo.

Scotty got up and got on his knees. Jonesy stood next to Jackson. Soon, Scotty had both their dicks in his mouth. They were both close to cumming. They did. It streamed down all over Scottys face as their jizz poured out.

Scotty threw them on their bed.

"Put your leg over my waist," ordered Scotty to Jackson. He did so, and soon his dick was up, once again, his tiny full hd xvideo download ass. Jackson moaned wildly while kissing Jonesy. They shoved their tounges down their throats as he was being ass pounded. They stopped, kiss, and fell asleep, their penises in full /erection/">erection. It was a night of magic.