Running Away Prt 3

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Running Away Prt 3

Alyx awoke to the sounds of huffing and puffing. He lazily rolled over to discover the usual warm flesh gone. Opening one eye Alyx looked towards the sounds to see Kristel stuffing the last bit of their belongings into a duffel bag. Alyx sat up yawning and stretching.

Kristel jumped onto the bed and kissed him deeply. "I must confess this has been a glorious past three days. I never knew I could feel like I do."

Alyx smiled widely. "I'm glad I could make you feel that way. I must admit your body makes me feel the same way. I enjoy your company and I want to take our relationship to another level."

Kristel laughed and hugged him. "Come on let's go or we'll never get on. You know how these things go. Plus I want to make sure noone steal our room." Kristel stood up and Alyx slapped her arse.

Alyx hurriedly got dressed and grabbed the three duffel bags from Kristel and followed her downstairs to the main dining area. Kristel sat down at a round table and as usual sat in the shadows. Alyx placed the bags at their feet and joined her.

"What would you both have?" The old lady asked.

"Two bowls of sweetened grains, soft bread, and /sweet/">sweet juice." Alyx looked at Kristel silently asking if that was good. Kristel nodded and waited.

"You know," Alyx started. "I should have made love to you this morning."

"Oh." Kristel asked sounding slightly distracted.


Kristel turned her head sharply to Alyx. "Did you just say love?" Alyx nodded. Kristel's eyes were wide as though in shock then she slowly smiled as if she was very pleased. That smile widen when she felt his warm large hand slowly caressing her thigh.

"Someone will see?"

"Not if you make it noticable."

Kristel stiffened and tried to look as though Alyx hadn't just discovered she wasn't wearing any garments under her outer clothing.

"Here you both go?" The lady placed the two bowls infront of each of them. She smiled at Kristel who was suddenly looking very hot. "Dearie are you okay?" Kristel could only nod. "Well here's the bread and your drinks. Are you both leaving?" The woman asked spying the three bags.

Kristel moaned feeling Alyx spread her pussy lips and slip one finger inside of her.

"I'm sorry," the woman said looking at Kristel.

"She said yes. She's just not feeling to well. I think she's excited and nervous about going on the ship." Alyx explained slipping another finger into her wet pussy and letting his thumb graze Kriste's clit. "Isn't that right, love."

Kristel nodded her head and slowly put her arms on the table and drop her head on them, praying the lady didn't smell her pussy or hear the slurp of her pussy as Alyx increased his thrusts. "Oh by the gods yes!" Kristel pushed her hips forward a bit.

"See, she's just /scared/">scared. She doesn't even realize she's yelling." Alyx gave her clit a small pinch in warning, but Kristel liked it and gave a throaty moan. "Can you get her bucket just in case. That didn't sound good." Alyx's own cock belied his words pressing hard against his pants at her womanly moans.

"Yes, right away." The woman hurried off.

"Alyx...please, more, deeper." Kristel begged. Not caring who saw her she needed the release.

Alyx growled and pushed a third finger into her sopping pussy and pumped them into her while his thumb swished over her clit such a fast speed Kristel had to bite her lips or yell out.

"Yes, /fucking/pussy-fucking/fuck-that-pussy/">fuck that pussy!" Kristel throatily growled trying to control herself when all she wanted to do was spread her legs wider and push his hands deeper into her. "Yes, fuck, I'm going to cum!"

Alyx slammed his fingers into her and flicked her clit when he felt her muscles clamp onto his fingers and her body jerked. Small whimpering and slight choking sounds emitted from Kristel as she barely held onto her sanity and not throw her head back and scream her release. When her spasms subsided Alyx removed his fingers and licked each one clean.

"MMMM /pussy/fresh-pussy/">fresh pussy."

Kristel rolled her eyes in embarassment and started tearing at her food as though she was starving. The old lady came back with the bucket and stared at Kristel surprised.

"She's feeling much better now."

"Yes, much better. Thank you." Kristel smiled at the woman and silently laugh as the woman turned away bewildered.

Alyx and Kristel finished their food and left 10 gold purz's on the table to pay for the food and the room they had used. They walked to the boarding zone and sighed. The line was already long and they weren't due to board for another hour.


Alyx laughed. "Where did you learn such language? Ladies don't curse."

Kristel arched one finely shaped brow. "Lady? Where?" She looked around searching for the lady. Alyx let his head fall back and laughed. Truly laugh deep and throatily. It was so contagious that Kristel joined him as they got in line and waited.

2 hours later they were still in line and could finally see the milf porn videos dock. "They're patting down everyone and searching all belongings." Alyx remarked.

After 10 more feet Kristel nudged Alyx. "They aren't patting down the woman just the men. Don't they think /women/">women could carry weapons?" Alyx shrugged remembering that Kristel carried a heavy blade on her inside thigh at all times.

They were almost to the front when a woman walked up to Alyx. "Alyx, sir, you have an urgent letter and a Sir Lucien is looking for you."

"Sir who?" Alyx shrugged her off before she could repeat herself. He forgot his brother used that alias with people he doesn't know. "Oh yes, Lucien. Of course." Alyx started to walk away.

"Alyx, we leave shortly. Don't be late."

Alyx nodded. "Tell blowjob porn videos the guard your name is Kristel Vanluewen, so that I can tell him my wife is on board and not have to go through the usual bull."

Kristel nodded. Alyx walked away first to see about the letter. He walked to the public mailing center once more and sighed. There was line and not a short one. Alyx cursed his luck. He waited patiently and when he finally got to the window he was so antsy he didn't even open the letter when the woman finally gave it to him.

Alyx ran to his brother's 'inn' and walked inside. He looked inside, but the /ugly/">ugly woman pointed to the door he had walked through once before indicating his brother was waiting for him in his office. Alyx walked quickly through the door and into his brother's study without looking at all the curious things that had grabbed his attention once before.

"Yes, brother what is it?"

"Alyx I have the information here. Give me a moment."

"I have to leave shortly, hurry it up."

Alyx's brother looked at him for a moment before going to a safe and putting in the combination.

"Look, I'm sorry." Alyx apologized as he opened the King's letter scanning the words. "I just don't want to miss this ship. I really..." Alyx stopped as the words started to make sense.

....very pretty...young....many alias....we think she makes them up enclosed is a picture...

Alyx gasped. The picture looked so much like Kristel. It was someone drawing of the girl and Alyx could argue that it wasn't her, but then again he could also argue that it was her.


Alyx picked up the small bulk of paper his brother dropped onto his desk. There was the usual nonsene information, and some interesting stuff. Like how Laina has been trained in the art of lovemaking since the age of 10, how she was trained in the art of killing since the age of 8. How she could please a man then kill a man with a single glance. Interesting information. Alyx shook his head and started to hand the information back to his brother calling it all hype when a painting caught his eyes. This time Alyx couldn't say it wasn't Kristel. It looked exactly like her. Alyx reached for hte painting and saw digital pictures taken of her. Alyx closed his eyes as his heart pounded in his chest. He was a fool and she used him.


The dock worker looked her over and smile. Kristel/Laina took a step forward.


"Jesyka Esoehh."

"Anyone accopanying you?"


"Alright, welcome aboard."

Jesyka smiled and grabbed the three duffle bags making sure she didn't forget which one held all the money herself and Alyx had stashed and walked on board looking back once to make sure she was finally safe.
"Bitzo." Alyx yelled.


"The girl?"

"What girl? Not the girl you wanted to introduce me to." Alyx said nothing. "It is isn't it. The girl you're looking for is the girl you loved. Classic. Just like a movie or romance book."

Alyx threw the papers in frustration.

"Well where is she?"

Alyx jumped up startled. "She's...." Alyx ran out of the office hoping against hope that the ship haven't left.