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Wife and my maidservant

I am 45 yrs old now and have a lot of past experiences that I was and still enjoying today. My name is Joyanta and I live in Calcutta. As traditionally in the Bengali housework is done by the maidservants. The life of these maids are very pathetic as they get married very early produce one or two children and their husbands leave them for a fresh bird. They become helpless and start working in people’s houses or start whoring around. I stay in a small flat with 3 rooms and bathroom and kitchen. The Bengali housewife’s are very backdated and they look at their husband as a person next to God.

This is about me at the age of 28 yrs. We had kept a new maidservant around 30 years old. She was from the village directly and was just a help to my wife. She was not very attractive but had some sexy features about her. She was thin with a figure size of 34-28-30. She had a little jet out back side and about 5’6’ tall. This I only noticed after I really looked at her after 4 days of her working. She was a day and night help and would stay at our house at night.

It was one of the winter night and I after a couple of drinks and dinner I was getting ready to go to bed. My wife had already gone to bed and I opened the almirah for my nightdress. Not finding it in the almirah I started looking at the other rooms. In the next room I found it given to dry and most probably they had forgoton to pick up after drying. Out of curiosity and may be a couple of drinks in the stomach I looked around the room and to my delight I find the servant sleeping at one side of the room. Her sari was away from her blouse and since she lay straight her chest seemed flat nothing that would excite a person. From the side I was trying to figure out her boobs her waist but she was just ok nothing to talk of except that the alcohol inside me wanted some fresh blood and I started thinking why not have a little sex with her while she is sleeping. The yes and no inside me started playing and I walked towards my nightclothes but all through I kept looking at her. Once I reached for the clothes I found out the her legs were crouched up and if bend down you could see something. So immediately my thought started playing of trying to fuck her and with the thought itself my dick started hardening. The room was dark and only light in the room was the street light with which I could see my clothes but not enough to see inside her sari.

At one end I was now wanting to have sex and on the other side I was /scared/">scared least she wakes up and screams and my wife getting up will make a big scene and that might break our marriage. So best thing I thought is to put on the light and behave as if I was looking for my night dress and then take a chance.

I put on the light making a little notice so that her sleep can break. But to my good luck I found that she did not move. I went slowly and collected my nightdress and then dropped it on the floor so that I could have a look inside her sari. I did the same and to my /surprise/">surprise I find a beautiful pussy with measured pubic hair around looking at my face. I kept looking and pussy kept looking till my finger automatically went and touched it. I don’t know what happened to me but I put my head slowly inside her sari and started the wwwxxx kissingit. The servant so long must be pretending to sleep jumped up and said ’ what are you doing come here’ as she said my trans broke and for a second we started looking at eachother. We never spoke any other word least we wake up anybody I put my hand on my pants and took out my dick. She started wwwxxx to make signs of not going any further but I was not ready to listen. I made her lay down and put my dick into her /pussy/wet-pussy/beautiful-wet-pussy/">beautiful wet pussy. Barely had my cock made two or three strides updown I hear my wife’s voice ’Darling, what are you doing in that room so long’ I said ’looking for my night clothes’ and as I was saying this I had taken my dick out from her and packed it into my pant. I picked my nightdress and was coming out when she walked in ’Did to get them’ I said ’yes, here it is’. We put of the light and came to our bedroom. Thinking that today I got saved by inches.

Most part of the night I kept thinking of how I kissed her pink pussy as servant sex are done just through intercourse. She was surprised with my lip reaching her pussy and I thought how I had not noticed her last couple of days that she has beenworking. Next day was Sunday and the whole day we were giving sly smiles at each other and I was trying to make all the excuse for my wife to go out but she refused. She even kept my nightdress in the almirah least I find it difficult at night. I took the nightdress and kept in that room again. As night fell I was waiting for my wife to lay down then I asked her for my night dress and not finding it in the almirah I went to the next room there I started kissing her and smooching her as I was starting I saw a shadow I immediately got up and took my night dress and look back to see my wife standing. I was once again lucky and she said I don’t know how it came here when I had kept it in your almirah. I said /bad/">bad luck and good luck to myself and went to bed.

Next Day my wife told the servant to look out for a job and leave. I think she did not catch us but guesses that we were up to something. I had less work in the office and I phoned the house. The servant picked up the phone and she said that my wife was not at home and she would come in the evening as she had gone to her in-laws place. I told her I was coming home to her just now. I started the car and coming home rung the bell she opened the door all decked up. As I came in before I could say anything she started kissing me and saying ’why did you kiss me there’ I said ’Where’ she said ’down’ pointing a Finger downwards.In servants sex they don’t believe in sucking it pure /straight/straight-fucking/">straight fucking. I told her I don’t know what happened but I would show her something about how to make love.
We hugged on to each other and closed the main door. We held on and went to the bed room and started kissing her first she wouldn’t open her mouth then slowly the lips opened and we were sucking each others tongue I put my hand in her blouse and slowly opened it. Over here I was sucking her lips and my hands were on her blouse. After sucking her lips for sometime I moved my lips to her nipples. Left hand on one breast while I busy sucking the other. She started says, ’please suck my nipples more I am enjoying it’.’

Slowly I changed the side and went for her left nipple. She took her hand and started opening my pant. She put my pant my pants down and I was standing in front of her with just a shirt on and cork standing full swing. When she put my pants down I pulled her sari out and slowly opened her petticoat. I bent down slowly wanting to meet my friend (pussy). I kissed her pubic hair and she started pulling me up saying ’what are you doing’ I said ’I want to love your pussy’ She said ’don’t touch it with your mouth put your cork in’ I without a talk forced my head between the thigh and started kissing her pussy. First she resisted then slowly she widened her leg which gave me a chance to put my tongue into her pussy. As the tongue went in she started moaning.She was holding my cork so tight that we were both moaning she with excitement and me withpain. I slowly started digging the tongue deeper and she started screaming. I told her to control as the sound could disturb the neighbors. As the process was going on and I was enjoying the taste of her pussy it was just lovely.I moved my head from the pussy and told her to put the cork in her mouth and suck. She did not answer nor did she take it in her mouth. I put my tongue back again and my hand on her breast. I was enjoying the sucking but my head was in between her thigh. All of a sudden I felt there was some releaf in my cork and I could feel that she had taken the cork in her mouth. She had started to suck. She slowly was increasing her speed so was I till I said I was Cumming she took it out of her mouth and got me discharged in her sari. I told her to taste, as I believe it is nice she disagreed and took a little unwillingly after request. I think she liked it because after that immediately she took my cork in her mouth and started liking whatever balance was there.

’I was liking her pussy but my finger were pressed in her ass. I had put one finger inside her hole and slowly rubbing it and she was liking it a lot and said harderharder. We were doing hard when she said she was coming she filled her pussy with her juice. I liked the juice and nearly got her dry. By this time my cork was once again ready and took out the cork from her mouth and put it in her pussy. As it went in she started screaming ’ /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard Sahab fuck me hard’ I pushed as much as I could and started up and down till we both came. She was so delighted that we repeated once again and said that she did not want to leave the house even though my wife had asked her. Before she went she said she wanted to go her village as I would remind her. She couldn’t go to her village and took up a job next to our place waiting for a chance to get fucked by me.