My Wife and Her Date

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My Wife and Her Date

She had asked me if I would find it exciting to watch her have sex with another man, and I had to admit it did sound exciting to see another man penetrate her, giving her pleasure as she looked towards me knowing that I was allowing this. I guess that was why we had ended up in this out of town nightclub as we decided to live out this /fantasy/">fantasy. After some long discussion it was decided that she would pick the person and after I met them if I agreed we could move on from there. So here we were in a somewhat elegant nightclub having a few drinks looking at the other patrons waiting for that someone that we would both agree would be the one. 

It took a little while to make sure that we both agreed before we could move to the next round, which would be for her to entice this other man to see if he found her attractive and would be interested in having sex with her. The other man was average in physical characteristics short hair business suit probably just visiting the area on some business of some sort. She slipped out of our booth and approached the bar next to this man, while I watched from afar, she was wearing a nice blouse with a skirt and pantyhose underneath, I didn?t know it at the time but they were crotch less pantyhose, I guess she was just trying to be prepared for whatever may happen that evening. I couldn?t hear what they were speaking of but they shook hands as one was introduced to the other. It appeared he bought her a drink and she sat down next to him and entered into a social conversation with him. Every so often she would laugh at a joke he told her take a drink and look over in my direction giving me a wink to let me know she was thinking of me, I was getting very excited watching her entice this man, I was getting hard just thinking about it. The conversation continued and she crossed her leg gently rubbing it against his leg as if done by accident it was then his hand dropped down to her leg and gently caressed her smooth nylon covered leg, and she didn?t object when he did this rather she just smiled at him.


I ordered another drink for myself and continued to watch the show, I was rock hard now and my hand was under the table feeling my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie my pants needless to say I was very excited. She excused herself and slipped off the stool with his assistance as his hand lingered on the side of her breast to make sure she was on her feet ok, she said she would be right back that she had to use the ladies room. As she came past our booth she motioned for me to follow her, the bathroom was in a very secluded place when I noticed her in the corner of the stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv dark hallway I came to her and we embraced and kissed deeply as our tongues gently probed each others mouths, she whispered into my ear that she was very wet. My hand slid down her back and up her skirt her crotch less pantyhose made it easy for me to slide a finger into her to feel her wetness, she moaned in my ear as I slid my finger in and out of her. She spoke into my ear telling me that this man was the one she knew he wanted her and felt he would be ok with what she had in mind. I brought my now wet finger back up and she licked it dry, as her own hand found its way to my crotch and she felt how hard I was. She told me that if watching her flirt with another man made me this excited she could imagine how excited I would be when I watched her take his cock in her mouth, and when he penetrates her. She kissed me deeply again while she rubbed my hard cock and then said she had to get back.

I waited a minute and went back to our booth to continue watching her progress with this man. He was very happy to see her return to the bar as she once again sat on the stool next to his. When she was sitting down he scooted his stool closer to her own and put his arm around her back and she smiled at him. They continued talking every so often he would place his hand on her knee. I think her knowing how excited I was watching all this take place made her even more excited actually doing it. Before long he stepped down from his barstool and asked her to dance, there was some jumping song coming from the dance floor and he took her hand and they slipped out onto the floor. The dance floor wasn?t packed but it had a dozen or so couples dancing to the music. The one song ended and a slower more romantic song came on, and they continued to dance though I couldn?t see them all the time as they seemed to be moving towards the back of the dance floor. I decided I wanted a closer look so I got up and moved over to the end of the bar and saw them dancing really close to each other, in fact it looked like they were kissing, I could also see that his hand was now caressing her ass. The song ended and I went back to the booth and sat down, when low and behold I noticed they were coming back to the booth as well. As they came back to the table she introduced the man to me and we shook hands, she explained that they she had told him about what she wanted to do and that he was very eager to help us, in fact he was staying at the hotel that was attached to the nightclub and that we should get a few drinks sent up to his room and we could continue the /party/">party up there.

As the elevator doors closed she stood between us and her left hand went to his crotch and her right hand went to mine and she rubbed our hard cocks through our pants, he and I looked at each other and just smiled. We reciprocated by each of us cupping one of her breasts and squeezing gently, I knew she was really hot now and would have probably done us both right there in the elevator when the doors opened up and two /women/">women got on. 

They stood in front of us and though we no longer held her breasts she continued to rub our cocks through our pants. We arrived at our floor and made our way down the hallway to his room. The drinks we had ordered through room were waiting for us when we got to the door, we entered the room and sat on the couch, we drank our drinks and had some small talk when he leaned over and kissed you deeply his hand had moved to your blouse and unbuttoned the first button and then came to rest on your breast squeezing it again, I could see your eyes closed as my own hand came over and again cupped the other breasts squeezing it. Here you were sitting between two men they were feeling you up my other hand gently started on your ankle and caressing you so gently worked its way up to your thigh, just the feel of your hosiery was making me really hot it was like my cock was throbbing waiting to get out. You took our hands off of your breasts and opened your blouse and revealed your satin bra, you leaned back on the couch and brought our faces to each breast, we grabbed your breasts rougher now pulling down the top of your bra to expose your nipples we each took them into our mouths and feed deeply from you all the while squeezing them harder and harder. You looked down to see each of us flicking your nipple with our tongues and you moaned deeply saying yeah that?s what I like, I gripped your nipple with my teeth and tugged gently, while he took the other nipple between his fingers and pulled gently, you moaned at the pain and pleasure of them both. Before you knew it we both had one of your legs pulled apart as we each caressed your pantyhose making our way up to your now obviously wet crotch, we continued to suck on your tits your nipples were so erect and hard, next you felt my hand reach your clit as I gently caressed it, and then his finger found your wetness and slid easily into you. You gasped slightly as his finger opened you as I stroked your clit I could feel that first orgasm rising within you as your breathing became short and your head tilted back, you let out a large moan as he removed his very wet finger and placed it in your mouth you sucked on it taking it deep within your mouth.

You told him to stand up and he stood right in front of you, while I sat close to you on the couch, you rubbed his obviously hard cock again and then undid the zipper and the belt letting his pants fall to the floor, his cock was now a large bulge in his underwear and you were getting closer to your goal. Next you slid his underwear down revealing his hard cock, you took it into your hand and gently rubbed it up and down. You looked over at me and I told you I wanted you to suck this mans cock because it would please me to see you do it. You looked up into this mans face and taking his cock in your hand and kissing the tip of its head you took his cock in your mouth for the /first-time/">first time. I watched as you licked it getting it wet so it would slid into your mouth easier and deeper. Each time you went down on him you would go deeper and deeper and he would moan. Then you took it and slowly licked the shaft paying close attention to the underside of the head of his cock because you know that it feels good there for them. Next you were holding his balls in your hand as you continued to give this man head. I had reached over and was gently pinching your nipples causing you to moan with his cock in your mouth.

He then sat down next to you and you went right back between his legs to take his cock in your mouth. Now you were up on all fours and your ass was in my face so I started to rub your still /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy causing you to moan again. I started to kiss your pussy tonguing it deeply. I turned over and placed my head underneath you and you placed that wet pussy right on my face I looked up and could see you sucking on his balls as I was licking your clit and fingering your pussy. Soon you lifted your head and had another orgasm right there on my face. It was then I suggested we move this to the bedroom, and we all agreed.

I sat upright on the back of the bed and you laid on our back with your head resting right next to my very hard cock. I looped my legs over yours and opened your legs wide exposing your wetness to this man. He laid down in front of you as he admired you and then bent his head down and kissed your clit, you could feel his tongue touching you slowly licking up and down on your clit you moaned and your eyes rolled back to look at me and I told you I wanted this man this stranger to make you cum. He continued to lick your clit as my hands came down to your breasts and took them squeezing them gently and flicking your /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. You turned your head and kissed my cock, I could tell he was doing a good job on your pussy as you started to arch your back, it was then he slid his finger into you, you moaned deeply. As his finger moved into you further I could tell you were going to have another orgasm soon, I whispered to you that soon he would penetrate you and that I would let him do this to you, that I wanted him to fuck you. You turned your head further and took my cock into your mouth and I squeezed your nipples hard because I knew it was time and with his tongue and his finger you started to cum I could here you screaming with my cock in your mouth as the vibrations brought myself close to orgasm and you licked the pre-cum off the head of my cock. You just laid there as you bottom spasm and you lingered in that place that only women can go to filled with the /ecstasy/">ecstasy of what just occurred. As you came back to us the man scooted up and I offered him your breast and he suckled from it gently, I saw you reach down and take his rock hard cock and rub it up and down your pussy and then I saw it slide into you as your mouth opened at the feeling of being opened by another.

He released your breast and I looked at him and told him to fuck you, I held your arms down on the bed as he began a slow steady rhythm of sliding his cock in and out of you, you were so wet I could hear the sounds of his cock penetrating you, you moaned knowing that I was not only letting this man fuck you but was watching as he did it to you. I explained to him that he was not to cum inside of you because that was my right alone, but that when it was time that he should empty himself into your mouth. I looked down at you and told you how you should be a /good/good-girl/">good girl and that you would take this mans load and swallow it when it was time, you nodded your head.

I had you turn over so he could take you from the rear and so you could suck my cock while he was doing that. Just as you took my cock in your mouth he thrust deeply into you forcing you forward and deep on my cock. I could hear you moaning and the vibrations of your throat tickled my cock. He kept thrusting deeper and deeper into you forcing you to go down further on my cock then you have ever gone before at one point I took your head in my hands and began to fuck your mouth as he was fucking you from behind, each time my cock came out of your mouth you started to scream and then it was silenced as my cock entered your mouth again. 

I told him that we should switch places and he withdrew from you slowly, he came around in front of you with his slick hard cock and I went behind and placed my cock at the opening of your pussy and slowly let myself in, as I did this you moaned and he placed his cock in your mouth. He allowed the motion of my thrusts to push your mouth onto his cock as his hands came underneath you and played with your tits tugging on your nipples gently. I wanted him to feel how I felt when my cock was in your mouth so I started to drive you hard and you started to cum all over again I could hear your muffled screams as I drove myself deep into you forcing him deep down your throat. I felt you reach underneath and you started playing with my balls tugging on them and then you circled your hand above my balls so that when I was withdrawing I was also causing you to stretch my ball sack, soon this was too much for me and I could tell that I was going to cum and I could also tell that this stranger with his cock in your mouth was getting close as well as he started to fuck your mouth like I had done before. Soon I was driving hard grabbing your waist and really fucking your hard, it was then that he withdrew his cock and shot his load into your open mouth and down your chin. I continued to thrust deeply and I came from a very powerful place as I felt myself release a large load deep within you. 

We all rolled over and collapsed on the bed I reached up and wiped his cum from your chin and you licked it off my finger. With you in the middle we all just lay there for a while and absorbed all that just occurred. Exhausted we slept for a long while. 

When we awoke the next morning the man explained how he comes to town every few months and hoped that we could do this again sometime in the future, he also let us know that his wife also had this fantasy of making love to another woman and perhaps we could help him out fulfilling this fantasy for him.